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11 Tips For Color Treated Hair

Happy Thursday, babes!

As you know, I recently went blonde. I’ve taken my hair from dirty brown, to dark chocolate, to fiery red, back to dirty brown and now to what I like to call the color of sunshine. With all the chemical damage I am (and refuse to stop) doing to my locks, taking care of it is so so important.

Despite what your mother may have told you growing up, it is indeed possible to dye your hair and it still be vibrant and nourished. It just takes a little extra time and investment. I’m certainly not in the camp of uber blessed gals who can use Pantene and keep their long, gorgeous locks healthy. (Sorry Selena…Pantene is crap.)

I’ve rounded up 11 of my best tips for making sure you can rock colored locks without going bald.

How to Keep Your Colored Hair Feeling Fabulous

1. Make sure your stylist uses quality, conditioning colors.

If you are using boxed color, please for the love of all things good and well STOP. Your hair hates you. Spend money and save sense by having a professional dye it for you. And when you do find the right professional, make sure s/he uses dye with gradual conditioning properties. Ideally, the color should be ammonia-free as well.

2. Don’t go lighter than your hair can handle.

So you want to go platinum blonde but your hair is currently jet black? Think again, love. For one, your stylist isn’t likely to achieve the color you’re going for with such a drastic difference. And two, you are asking her/him to FRY your poor locks. Be patient and let your stylist take you lighter and lighter gradually.

3. Use a high quality sulfate-free shampoo.

Sulfates are extremely harsh chemicals that strip the moisture right out of your hair, so look for products free of them. For blondes: use a purple shampoo that will keep the color from fading too yellow, and a light clarifying shampoo to keep any perspiration and build up out of your hair (these dull blonde hues).

4. Wash your hair less often.

To retain your hair’s natural oils and to keep your color looking vibrant, try to wash your hair 2-3 times a week. My hair is naturally really oily so I get the struggle, but never wash it more than every other day.

5. Take breaks between heat treatments.

Heat on top of color treating is really hard on your hair, so give your lovely locks a break whenever you can. I like to skip the blow dryer at least one wash per week and leave my hair in a french braid to air dry.

6. Turn down the temperature when heat treating your hair.

Don’t put your poor hair through hell by turning the heat on your curling iron up to 450 degrees. Unless your hair literally will not curl, keep the temp closer to 300-350 degrees.

7. Pay a couple extra bucks for good conditioner.

Listen, quality matters. And quality costs money. Spending a pretty penny on your shampoo is much more important, but don’t entirely skimp on your conditioner. Look for products with botanical oils and, of course, no sulfates or heavy salts.

8. Deep conditioning masks are your best friend.

Consider using a protein-enriched conditioning mask at least once a week. The protein will help rebuild the hair that’s been damaged due to lightening, etc. There are some really great AND affordable ones at your local convenience store if you are worried about breaking the bank. I like to sleep in mine with a hair net/wrap just for good measure.

9. Always use a leave-in treatment.

There are so many great detangling + shine treatments that pack a major moisturizing punch. Use those babies like confetti.

10. Oil, oil, oil.

If you’re weary about hair oils because you think they’re going to make your hair gross and sticky, I get you. From a former skeptic, it’s all about which hair oil. And don’t apply it to your scalp if you’re naturally prone to oily hair. Your ends are where moisture is most needed.

11. Don’t get it colored too often.

I get an itch to color my hair all the time, but wait at least six weeks between treatments. I try to push it right up until it starts to look faded and sad, because I’d rather give it time to recover before putting it through a chemical marathon again.

What Products Should You Be Using?


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