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I started Just Kaylee after years of musing about the idea of blogging. I finally took the leap last summer as an outlet for all of the creative projects and curiosities that excite me. I love fashion and interior design, so style is a large part of the blog’s personality. I also nerd out on the reg, so this site is part research-diary. Whether it’s beauty facts or wellness tips, you can find kernals of knowledge sprinkled in.

A little about me…I love my Downtown Los Angeles apartment but have a serious case of wanderlust. I’m a business student at USC, a sangria recipe collector, and well on my way to drowning my closet in bikinis. I’m also an avid and unapologetic coffee snob. Oh, and I’m fully committed to drinking my fruit in the form of wine.

My vision for the blog is that it will be a place for kindred spirits.