How to Soundproof Your Security Screen Door

Are you looking for a way to reduce the noise coming from outside your home? Our innovative exterior door system has an excellent sound transmission class (STC) rating, and you can add noise-reducing lights to increase safety. To maximize soundproofing, choose a high-quality, solid-core storm door and add a soundproof pad. Solid-core doors are much better at blocking sound than hollow-core doors, and the storm door adds an additional barrier. Fiberglass and steel doors have foam insulation that will provide you with reduced noise and greater energy efficiency.

However, keep in mind that the soundproof pad will need to be replaced every time the door is opened and closed. If you live in a heavily populated city or near a highway, railroad, or airport, noise-reducing doors are constructed differently to help keep outside sounds outside. It can be difficult to decide which type of door sweeping is best for soundproofing, as there are so many options available online. A mobile blanket may not sound as good as a fiberglass panel designed to fit the dimensions of the door, but it will still help to soundproof the door.

A soundproof pad (Amazon) works like a door sweep, but it's less “permanent” and can prevent more noise from coming through the bottom of the door. Replacing the door with a solid core door is an effective way to soundproof it, but this is a costly and permanent task. The first step in soundproofing any door is to evaluate if there are gaps around the door and how big they are. You can also buy a “soundproof blanket” that perfectly matches the dimensions of a door.

The advantage of having a soundproof pad instead of a door sweeper is that you can place it on the top of the door as well as on the bottom. A door sweeper is another way to soundproof an apartment door because it's easy to install and relatively inexpensive. Whether you're trying to soundproof an interior or exterior door, you don't have to make any permanent or expensive changes. With some simple steps, you can reduce noise coming from outside your home and enjoy peace and quiet.