Bulletproof and Ballistic-Resistant Glass for Security Screen Door Installations

Are you looking for a secure solution for your entrance? Bulletproof and ballistic-resistant glass can provide the protection you need. Unlike regular glass, bulletproof and ballistic-resistant glass can withstand a great deal of pressure before it breaks, including the force of impact. This type of glass is used in bulletproof doors and windows that offer different levels of ballistic protection. For a modern and sophisticated office design, all-glass doors in the “frameless” style are a hallmark.

Now you can install bulletproof glass doors with the same sharp, full-view appearance as their non-ballistic counterparts. TSS developed the world's first ballistic glass security doors for interior use, manufactured with a frameless design that can withstand firearm attacks. Investing in secure glass doors helps maintain a welcoming work environment for your staff and ensures their well-being in the event of an emergency. A derivative of DefenceLite, BulletShield is a modernized, bulletproof, transparent glass security protector that is installed on the glass of existing windows and doors.

To determine how bulletproof a door and frame are, all security products for bulletproof glazing and windows usually receive a bulletproof rating from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), known as the UL 752 rating. These unique glass doors have been tested according to UL bulletproof standards from levels 1 to 3, making them the first frameless glass security doors with ballistic protection and protection against forced entry. Ballistic door, window and frame systems are ideal for any property where a high level of security is required or desired. All-weather adhesives, high-performance films, VHB tapes and mechanical safety anchors can be used to install the system.

From wooden doors to acrylic tile doors, hollow metal steel doors and aluminum doors with a full view, Insulgard's BULLETBLOCK line of door systems offers a secure solution for your entrance while meeting the design requirements of your project.

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