Does Installing Burglar Bars Lower Property Value?

As a homeowner, increasing the security of your property with window bars gives you immediate value. Potential buyers can see that the home is more protected from burglaries, break-ins, and extreme weather conditions when it comes time to sell it. Instead of a permanent or hinged safety bar, opt for a simple removable model unless you have the skills to properly install it. Security screens offer the same type of protection as window security grilles, but without a rough appearance.

An expensive security system can be a waste of money, but locks and anti-theft grilles are a one-time investment that doesn't require maintenance and service fees over time. Unlike press-mounted bars that can be moved out of position, the saddles or mounting mechanisms that hold these bars in place can be bolted to the window frame for added security. Window security grilles not only protect your home from intruders, but they also protect the inhabitants of your home. The fixed anti-theft bars are permanently installed in place to secure the window or opening over which they are installed.

Deter criminals by installing burglar bars and security doors to protect your family and reduce home insurance rates. Easy to install and operate, the Ideal safety window bar comes with a child-proof anti-slip closure that keeps the bar in place, keeping children in and potential intruders out. Not only could an intruder open or remove a poorly installed window security bar, but it could also prevent you from escaping in case of emergency. To keep your property looking good while protecting it, make sure the anti-theft grilles blend in with the theme of the house they protect.

Window security grilles can increase the security of your home by providing a visual and physical deterrent to anyone thinking of entering your home. Once you've chosen and installed window security grilles, make sure the rest of your home is equally well protected. Windows with safety bars installed are usually fixed and may not be an option when you need to get out quickly in the event of a disaster, such as a fire. Installing security grilles on windows or anti-theft bars can significantly reduce the risk of theft almost as much as reinforcing the front door.

Statistics indicate that around 23% of thieves use a first-floor window to access a property and that 30% access through an open or unlocked door or window.