Should You Match the Screen Door to the Front Door?

There's nothing wrong with matching the screen door to the front door, although it's not the most common way people set up their homes. Achieving the same look is a great way to ensure that the mosquito door blends in seamlessly with the front door. If you're the type of person who finds mosquito nets a bit clunky, this is the best option. The most traditional color for a mosquito door is white, and it's the most classic choice.

White mosquito doors work with almost any color in the house and offer a flawless and clean look to your home. That said, they work best in white houses, brick houses, and houses with white moldings. Of course, matching the door to the front door is also a simple option in this case. If you kept the mosquito door, I would paint it the same color as the front door.

However, as Patricia has suggested, I would replace it with a full view. From an aesthetic point of view, yes, it must match the front door. Many people have asked: “Can you paint a storm-proof door? Yes, you can. Metal, wood and even fiberglass storm doors can be painted to match, accent or contrast with the existing front door, depending on the style you want.

Nowadays, these doors come in a wide variety of unique designs that are sure to add a little curb appeal to any home. While either option is correct, combining the color of the front door and leaving the storm door in its original color has advantages. Storm door sizes cover the range of typical front doors, so finding the right size shouldn't be a problem. But which color is best? Should it match your front door? We've found the best options to help you coordinate a mosquito door with your front door.

In warmer climates, the screen door option would be beneficial, but an all-glass door could cause heat buildup and damage the surface of the front entrance. There are two options for storm door colors: combine the color of the front door or contrast with a different color. The amount of sunlight that your front door receives, especially during peak hours of the day, can influence your choice of color. One of the most recent trends that are coming to light is using specialized vinyl decals made to be applied to window screens.

If you decide that painting your storm door the same color as your front door is your preference, there are a few steps you should take before embarking on this project. When considering adding a storm door to your front entrance, you may be wondering if it should match in color or contrast with your existing front door. In summertime, you can replace glass with a screen to let in more fresh air and light when needed. A bit rustic and perfect for cabins or mountain homes, brown storm doors are an excellent addition to any home that has a natural rustic feel. Serious welding materials would be needed for a typical mosquito door to have those kinds of elegant metal bars.

Matching the screen door to your front door is an excellent way to add some cohesion to your home's exterior.

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