What is the Cost of a Security Screen Door?

When it comes to protecting your home, a security screen door is an important investment. But how much does it cost? Security door prices vary depending on the model and materials used. Custom security doors can be expensive, but there are also more affordable options available. Glidden and other painting professionals recommend using a primer and exterior paint on metal security doors.

Security door companies can review the disadvantages and advantages of each type and recommend a selection that fits your budget.Mosquito doors are made of thin materials and cannot withstand being hit or compromised with tools. Double-door security doors may require a custom fit depending on the size of the entrance, but most have a standard width of 72 inches. It's worth investing in security doors for those who live in high-crime areas or for those who are concerned about protecting valuables in their homes. Steel security doors can also be covered with hardwood to have the strength of steel and the aesthetics of wood.Before deciding on this option, homeowners should calculate the costs of locks and door installation.

The good news is that you can also ask your door installer or maintenance staff to measure the different parts of the security door when they do your consultation at home to ensure that it fits perfectly and that you don't miscalculate and buy a door of the wrong size. Depending on the damage, you may need to change a small part, such as replacing the handle on a security door or replacing the entire door. Some doors use a level lock, while sliding doors require their own special safety lock that works with the rail.Other popular brands such as Titan and Crimsafe offer a wide selection of home security doors that come with different features. Depending on the material of the security door, you may be able to paint it to match the outside of your home.

Security doors should always be installed by a professional security door specialist or maintenance staff with experience in security doors. For example, while a simple lock with a knob or bolt might be less expensive, you can pay a higher price for a triple-lock security door.The following are the most commonly used materials for security doors and the average price you'll pay without installation:.