What Security System Do Burglars Fear Most?

Home security is an important issue for any homeowner. Burglars are always looking for an easy target, and the presence of a security system can be a powerful deterrent. But what security system do burglars fear most? Statistics show that 40% of burglars would look for another target if they saw a surveillance camera. And 60% of them would normally avoid homes with security cameras.

This makes outdoor security cameras one of the best deterrents against thieves. Alarm systems and sirens can also be effective, with 46% of thieves tending to avoid homes with these systems. However, they don't provide any evidence if a burglary does occur. The best solution is to install both security cameras and anti-theft alarms.

Fake security cameras may look like a deterrent, but they are easily recognizable as decorations by experienced burglars. It's best to install real security cameras and place stickers for security camera brands around the property. False security signs should also be avoided, as they can make your home a welcome target. Having a dog inside the house can also be a great deterrent, with 34% of convicted thieves saying that it would change their mind before breaking in.

Steel bars on doors or windows can also send a signal to intruders that all entrances are secure and firm. CCTV cameras and dogs that bark are the most likely to discourage thieves from breaking into homes, according to a panel of former criminals. Alarms can be great for preventing and protecting thefts, but they don't pose much of a threat to experienced home burglars. Unique alarms can put a property at greater risk than one without visible security, as the alarm suggests that there is something inside worth protecting.

CCTV security equipment is only valuable when it forms part of an overall security system. Simple steps such as installing outdoor lighting with motion sensors and investing in home security cameras with integrated lights can increase your home security in every way. Single-family homes may be more vulnerable because they are more difficult to insure than other types of homes. According to the Electronic Security Association survey, about 83% of thieves would first determine if a home has CCTV before committing the intrusion.

The best security measures, when implemented well, will likely deter 99 percent of all opportunistic thefts.It's important to ensure that your security cameras are in a place that's immediately obvious to anyone who approaches the property. Some home security cameras come with the ability to store images locally or in the cloud without needing a subscription. Anti-theft devices such as voice alarms can also be useful for recording motion detection events.Finally, according to the UNC Charlotte of Criminal Justice, 60% of convicted thieves would confirm if there is a security camera in their home before entering the house.Investing in an effective home security system is essential for protecting your loved ones and your property from theft and burglary.