What Types of Locks Can Be Used on a Security Screen Door?

When it comes to security doors, the Ornament iron mortise lock from Marks USA is an original standard mortise lock that is commonly used. However, many brands such as Pado, Papaiz, Wright, Ideal, Tefco, Latao, Miami Security and others no longer manufacture the door hardware against storms that were used more than 10 years ago. Fortunately, we have a wide range of replacement parts to suit your needs. We offer door security hardware for surface mount applications, mortise locks that are installed inside the door frame, and deadbolt locks.

When buying more than one lock, look for packages that have the same “key-like” number on the package. Alternatively, our store employees can lock all the locks so that they work with the same key. Knob locks are the most common type of door lock available and the primary security method for most doors. The lock cylinder is located on the knob itself instead of on the door.

Knob locks should therefore not be used on external doors, as they can be easily broken with basic tools such as a hammer or key. These door locks are commonly used on vending machines, filing cabinets, desks or cabinets to prevent unauthorized access. These locks offer greater versatility and allow keyless entry, although many also have holes to open other unlocking mechanisms. To ensure that door locks provide strong home security, choose locks and bolts that are shock- and shock-resistant.

The box lock is placed inside a deep hole, or mortise, on the edge of the door and is secured with a fixing screw and a cam, creating the locking mechanism. The orientation of the door, or the direction in which the door moves when opened, is another crucial factor in the installation of the lock. Door locks are primarily designed for functionality, but in addition to providing security, their appearance is a consideration. One of the main factors to consider is the backrest, which is measured from the center of the lock hole to the edge of the door.

These locks can house knobs or levers and provide more security than cylindrical locks alone. Determining the maneuver of the lock is a little different from the way in which the delivery of the door is determined when buying doors. Mortise locks are powerful locks that are used on external doors and are available in light and heavy models. While entry locks offer greater security, lockable privacy door knobs for your bedroom and bathroom look beautiful and enhance your decor.There are many other door locks available on the market today, and many fall into seven categories: knob locks, deadbolt locks, cam locks, padlocks, mortise locks, smart locks, and keypad locks.

If you have any questions about which type of lock would be best for your security screen door or any other type of door in your home or business premises, our store employees can help you find what you need.